Who Are We?

We are a group of parents and teachers who initially thought that the gender identity movement was an important civil rights issue. Some of us promoted these beliefs within our families, social circles and even professions. While we were doing this, there was a lot of information that we did not know. Over the years, we found out more information that caused us to reconsider how we view this topic.

Our Concerns:

We are concerned that other parents may not know this information.

We are concerned that other parents may not understand what they are supporting.

We are concerned that other parents don’t understand what is being taught to our children.

What We Are Not:

We are not a political organization. Many of the parents and teachers in this group are registered Democrats, and consider themselves left-leaning liberals. Some parents in the group are in the LGBT community. All of us care deeply about the rights and civil liberties of all people.

That said, we have come to the realization that these ideologies are harmful to children, and they need to be exposed for what they are. We hope that by writing this substack, parents feel empowered with the information that they need to stand up to the school boards, to have meaningful conversations with others around them, and know how to recognize when their own children are being indoctrinated.

Overview of Gender Ideology:

Our concerns are about how the gender identity ideology being taught in schools affects the following topics:

  1. Alienation from the family unit

  2. Reinforcing gender stereotypes

  3. The teaching of theory as fact

  4. Erosion of parental rights

  5. Sexualization of children

  6. Erosion of safety protocols

  7. Permanent, elective medical interventions that sterilize, destroy sexual function and cause lifelong health conditions for children and youth who choose medicalization

  8. Schools limiting the right to free speech

  9. Schools limiting the right to freedom of religious beliefs

  10. Pathologizing common developmental milestones

  11. Normalizing a controversial belief and ideology in the minds of children

  12. Pipeline of gender identity indoctrination

  13. Convergence of gender identity ideology and neo-marxist ideology

  14. Placing teachers and other public school staff in the role of making mental health diagnoses and dispensing medical advice when they are neither trained nor licensed to do so

Our Mission:

This substack will be a series of short articles. Some will be asking basic questions about what exactly is gender identity ideology. Others will use concrete examples from local school districts to show what our children are currently being taught. Some will be testimonials that are submitted by parents, teachers and community members. We are focused on La Canada, Glendale, Burbank, and some of the surrounding cities, and intend to focus only on these areas to keep regionally focused. We will include information from other areas if we determine it to be relevant.

We are not lawyers, we are not medical doctors, we are not experts. Never take anything in this substack for medical advice or legal advice. We are a group of concerned parents who have seen firsthand the disastrous effects of these ideologies, and we are trying to make sense of it all. If we make errors, email us and let us know, and we will correct accordingly: genderidentityk12@protonmail.com.

If you live in these areas and have documents or testimonials from your child’s schools, please send us information at genderidentityk12@protonmail.com. Your identity will always remain confidential.

Thank you,

The Gender Identity K-12 Team

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